Do All Casinos Have the Same RTP?

In the exciting world of casinos and online gambling, RTP – Return To Player – is used to define the percentage a VLT (Video Lottery Terminal) or a slot machine, will pay back to the player over a duration of time. At least 1000 plays must be done before RTP is considered valid. In a nutshell, if a hundred $1 bets are made on a machine with an RTP of 90%, the expected return is $90 in wins over at least 1000 plays. But do all casinos have the same RTP?

Proper Selection of Games Is the Key

If you are in it for the money and profit maximization, there is no more important question to ask than – Do all casinos have the same RTP? However, what you are really asking then is which casino games and types of games offer the highest RTP, since casinos are merely platforms for games, be they online gambling platforms or conventional physical buildings.

What Is the Actual Value of RTP?

When you know a particular game’s RTP, it would be wrong to think that you have diminished the gambling aspect of the game, as RTP is calculated after a prolonged, significant number of plays. Therefore, in no way should you base your short-term win probability on RTP. With that being said, video slot machines/games with an RTP over 95% should be considered generous for the players in the long run. And if you stumble upon a game with an RTP over 97%, your luck attribute just got significantly improved, to use the term of RPG gamers.

If you are down on luck when it comes to online gambling or gambling in general, you should try the following games, as they all have above 99% RTP: Goblin’s Cave, Tropic Reels, Ooh Aah Dracula, Ugga Bugga, Ocean Princess, Nemo’s Voyage, Mega Joker Jackpot. They vary in themes and artwork, so you will be sure to find something that suits you the most, and play the games you like from the comfort of your home.

Return of Investment Only If You Are Dedicated

Minimizing risk while maximizing profit is the holy grail of gambling. Everyone thinks they have a special trick to winning a certain kind of game, but there is only one solid, mathematically derived measure that counts – RTP – Return To Player. Nonetheless, even if RTP is accurately formed and you are aware of it, it takes quite a lot of plays to start feeling that magical Return To Player manifestation. Ultimately, the Return To Casino will always be dominant.

Do All Casinos Have The Same RTP?