How Does RTP Work?

Don’t be fooled. Many players, even though they might be the avid ones you keep seeing on those winner tables, still ask the same question, “How does RTP work?” Put simply, RTP or Return To Player refers to the percentage the casino gives back in winnings to the player pool from the overall play.

Easy Guide To How RTP Works

So how does RTP work? Here’s an easy guide to better understand it. Let’s take a practical example to make things easier. Say there are 3 people playing a game – Jack, Ralph and Dennis. Jack plays $10, Ralph plays $20 and Dennis $70 – for a total of $100. Therefore our $100 is our 100%.

Return To Player Percentage

Now the clue to all of this is the RTP of this specific game. Say that the RTP for this game that these 3 men are playing is at 97%. What this means is that the Casino hosting the game will make a clean earning of $3 from those $100. The rest, a whole $97 will be split and paid out as winnings to the players.

What it does not mean is that for every $100 you play, you will get the full $97 back. Those $97 might be split amongst different players. Referring to our example, the winnings could be paid out as follows: A small win of $10 for Jack, which makes him break even. Another $10 win for Dennis, and a whopping win of $77 for Ralph! Notice that the win did not go to the player who placed the most money. The win is random. RTP is random.

Where Can I Check RTP For A Game?

Every casino provider has the duty of showing the RTP per game and making it available to players. Many times, you will simply need to look out for a little button in a corner with an ‘i’ for Info or a question mark on it, and in there you will find various details. There will be instructions and hints on how to play, who designed it but most of all, there will be the RTP percentage, which you now know how to interpret.

Easy Guide To How Does RTP Work